I’m interrupting normal ‘home-page’ service, just to give you a quick heads up!

As we run up to the launch of Hunter Moon (out at Halloween, in case you were wondering,) i’m going to be running all sorts of little teasers and giveaways. So I thought I’d start listing them here, you know, to make finding them easier…

Firstly, you can find Chapter 1 of (soon to be released (( at Halloween – did I say that already? Ah well…)) Hunter Moon on instafreebie. Click the cover to get yours.Β 

Secondly, to celebrate the upcoming launch, i’m giving away copies of Thunder Moon via Goodreads, and because I’m totes generous, i’m also running a give away on Building An Author Platform too. I know, it’s too much πŸ˜‰ Click the links for your chance to win.

UK only
US only











Normal Home-Page Service may now resume ~

Hey there…

I’m daughter, wife, mother, friend, canine wrangler….. the list goes on, I’m also a writer.

I’ve always written – little stories, diaries, journals — my loft is full of notebooks of every size and colour…

But nothing changes the fact that I’m a romance girl at heart, romance with a dash of magic.

So after the teething process of writing oodles of words that sit in a box under the bed, Thunder Moon was released in January 2017.



Book 2, Hunter Moon will be released on the 31st of October 2017,Β and book three is closely following… (Pssst, Book 3; Cold Moon should be in your hands in time for Christmas!)



I’m a total social media geek, so you can find me on twitter, instagram and pinterest β€” i’m even testing out YouTube — Oh, and i’m way too active. #SorryNotSorry Β (and I LOVE to chat, so come find me.)

I also take far too many photos of the people and creatures that I love, but then, who doesn’t love pictures of a soppy labrador and a silly spaniel?

Happy reading.

J x Β Β 



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