One of those days;


Ok, so today was one of those days-

No, that’s wrong – the day itself was ok, you know – samey, like most other days.

But the evening, well….That deteriorated into an all shouting, all law-laying down, complete parent overkill-event quicker than the time it took for Usain Bolt to run the hundred metres.

You know what I mean? (Clearly, this question is aimed at other mad-parent-types out there.)

It was literally — boom! One minute everything was fine, and the next we couldn’t do anything right because everything had gone to hell in hand basket…. 
Oh the joys of parenthood – we had; “it’s not fair” “she bit my foot” “you can’t make me” “I don’t even care” “he’s always telling me what to do,” all peppered with long whiney “But Muuuuuum”s – and they all floated along on a river of tears and be-wailing. Until finally, as broken parents we issued ‘telling offs’, ‘ everyone is overtired,’ and the classic ‘we will be having a serious talk about this in the morning.’ (When did we become those parents?)

And even as I sit here, in the early hours, in a silent sleeping house with a secret cup of tea, I still feel a dazed sense of; What the heck happened? A few too many sweets at Nanny’s and a late night doesn’t normally cause a complete meltdown.
 Maybe it’s being so close to the end of the summer term; many of my mum friends are listing over-tired children as their top problem of the day. It could even be left over energy from the super-moon I suppose, you know what they say about the link between the full moon and madness. But whatever the reason, I hope we’ve had our fair share for a while.

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