What Will Become Of The Facebook Generation?

I have this friend — and yes, I am aware that this is an extremely suspicious way to start a sentence, but anyway…
I do – have this friend – in fact I have quite a few, all with very similar opinions when it comes to the ol’ FB…
Facebook, it would seem, has become quite the brag-fest, and the majority of my friends and family all tend to think the same thing; which is, that if your life were really that good, then why would you feel the need to tell Facebook how brilliant and wonderful it was all the time?
Now, personally, I find myself stuck between the devil and a hard place with this one, because, *I whisper*, I love Facebook. I know, I know; shoot me now, but I do. But I also agree with my peoples too, — FB (for some) has become a place to go and deliberately add (or hope to get added by) people you don’t like, just so you can make doubly sure that they know how great your life is without them in it… crazy, granted. But it’s happening on Facebook right now – shocking huh? FB can be quite the den of ill will, and sadly, if all you use it for is to moan about your ‘useless ex not paying his child support’ or naming children that your child ‘doesn’t like’, then clearly there is a special place (along with those pagent-mum types) reserved in hell just for you…
But then it’s like anything I suppose — if you use it to cause harm, then that’s exactly what it will do. On the other hand, FB has the capacity to offer great moments of sharing and community, as well as being able to strengthen family and friendship bonds over great distances.
I’m sure there will be much speculation regarding what creating ‘another’ self does to the psyche in the coming years, and they’ll probably decide that we’re all walking schizophrenics with an alter personality, and that our on-line lives have deconstructed our base social skills, but never mind — I still drink diet coke, and the aspartame hasn’t gotten me yet…





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