The Tale of The Whining Writer.

ok chaps and chapesses – i’m getting close to facing the fear and doing it anyway — yes, it’s submission time.

Or nearly.

I wrote the perfect cover letter last night – I kid you not, I penned that last full stop at 3.34am and knew I had it in the bag. I had the perfect mix of professionalism and humour. I gave myself that mental ‘tick in the box’, congratulated myself all the way to bed and went to sleep smirking with smugness.

I’ll bet you can imagine how that perfect cover letter read this morning, in the cold light of day.

Yup; utter garbage.

I know that being a writer isn’t just about writing the story and getting to live in the warm safe-space of my mind, where all my little friends talk to me. But you can imagine if i’m sweating over the cover letter then the synopsis has had me beat for weeks.

I want to moan and whine, I want to weep into my caffeine free tea (don’t judge me) that I’m a wrrriiiittttterrrr of stories, not synopsissssss.

But them’s the breaks. Being a writer isn’t just telling the tale (i’m sorry, ‘showing’ the tale – how foolish of me,) these days being a writer is having an internet presence, chatting on twitter, hosting workshops, going to conferences, speaking in schools — the list is endless. And whining about it just wont get it done.

So i’d better get back to the desk.

Later Gators.

Getting the job done.

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