How to… The Goodreads Giveaway.

Now the giveaway is a funny animal, books cost money, postage costs money — you have no idea if this person wants to read your book, or if they just want something for nothing. You can’t even guarantee they’ll review it. So what’s the deal?
I’ve done a couple of goodreads giveaways, and i’ve found them to be pretty successful, and here’s why.

They bring readers to you. You are offering them the chance to test you out.

But there’s more to it than that. The giveaway usually helps you to pick up followers on your goodreads profile. It also sees your book getting added to lots of ‘to be read’ shelves.

(Just as a quick aside, to be read shelves on goodreads most often contain THOUSANDS of books, but don’t be disheartened, it’s still helping with exposure.)

If you have a couple of paperbacks that you’re willing to part with, i’d say go for it.

You going to reach a wider audience by including the US, (or Oz if you’re closer.) So be prepared to write off £15.00 on postage for two to three books.

It’s always good to let the give-away  run for a good six weeks, as you get more activity this way. Try to end on catchy date; Valentine’s day, Christmas Day, Easter, a bank holiday – any date that you can call your giveaway something. (It helps with promotion) For instance, Welcome to the Christmas Giveaway for (book title) don’t miss out on a chance to win one of the signed copies up for grabs…
Or something like that.

Goodreads give you some html too that you can put on your website, so you can link your giveaway directly.

My first book was published in January 2017, and i decided to go out under a pen name ~ not for any other reason, than someone else has my name, and my, and she’s a writer, so I thought better of it ~ So just before Christmas I was setting up new Facebook, twitter and goodreads accounts — all under my new name. I had zero followers.
But my first giveaway was for the UK, Europe and the US, and my profile is starting to pick up…..


And yes, Amazon offers giveaways too, but only in the US. I’ve got one running at the moment, i’ll be back in mid June to let you know how it went. And if you’re in the States and you like Romance with a Dash of Magic and you fancy winning a copy of my fiction title, Thunder Moon, here’s the link…

Amazon.Com GiveAway


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