**Peeks round crack in the door**

Hey! Pssst, is anyone out there?

How bloody mad is life right now?!

I’m staying on my normal (somewhat annoying) positive-train, so the best course of action for me is to completely not mention all the isolating, locking-down and media-mayhem business. (That’s my coping strategy and I’m sticking to it.)

But what I will say is this; as things go, I have a wee bit of time on my hands, and it’s proving difficult to fill it with useful things…

(But if you’re creating your first podcast, learning to crochet or have decided to give Mandarin a go, MORE POWER TO YOU!)

I’m having some trouble getting the old brain on-line, i’m more magpie than human; lots of shiny new things I have time to try, coupled with the attention span of a gnat. But hey-ho.

And so I decided to check up on my soshal-meejha and give the ol’ website a spruce up. And it occurs to me that I don’t spend much time here anymore. These are landing pages now. So I think the best thing to do, is tell you. That way, if you’re lost on the interwebs and you stumble bleary-eyed, into this little corner and you find the kettle isn’t even on (good grief!) Then this little post will be here to say; come on over to Facebook, there’s virtual wine annnnd gluten free treats. (And honestly, only the gods know what else I’ll be waffling on about.) I don’t run a business page that peddles stuff, just a normal Facebook profile where I can chat to you, and you can chat to me. So come and add me 🙂

See you soon.

J xx

Decisions, decisions.

Life has been quiet as I’ve been recovering from surgery. It’s been a time of rest, worry, IMG_6899gratefulness, fear, joy, exhaustion ~ it’s pretty much been a sea of feelings here.

(If you’d like to know more I’ve made a few vlogs. I chat about ovarian cancer and hysterectomies and getting better… A total overshare 🙂 But for a very good reason; womens health.)

In amongst all this, the third and final book in my Langstone Bay trilogy was released, and publication day just kind of happened around me.

I didn’t  do all the social media posting I would normally, and I wasn’t bouncing up and down with equal measures of excitement and anxiety.

Publication day ended up being a time of reflection. I’ve loved writing this series, and The Witches of Langstone Bay-3.jpggetting to know the characters. These are the only books I’ve ever written, and I’ve been carrying this story around for so long… and seeing Cold Moon finally completed, to become a book, with a cover and a spine…  I just don’t have the words at how serene and happy it makes me feel.

So I’m here to say I’m on the mend, the cancer has, thankfully, all been removed, and my dream of writing the story I’ve been carrying around since I was a teenager sits in front of me, in the form of three beautiful books.

With that said, I’m going to spend the next few days smiling, and the next couple of months deciding what’s next.

Take care lovely folks,

J xx


Publication delay; making hard choices.

Christmas is coming, and FAST.

This is the time of year when we start to see lots of ’round up’ blog posts and youtube videos, where we all get to look back over the highs and lows of the past twelve months.

I wont be doing that.

I lost my Dad at the end of the summer. He was only sixty nine years young, and i’m still working through how unfair that is.

I also find myself in the situation of waiting for surgery. It’ll be coming quite quickly, and eight days ago I had no idea anything was wrong.

But life works like this sometimes. My family and friends will tell you, that I can often wax philosophical about there being ‘a lesson in all things,’ (and i’m bloody right about that, btw 😉 ) so I hate to get on my soap box now… (I don’t really.)

So here it is; we deal with everyday ups and downs all the time. Sometimes it’s less of a down and more of a blindside. What’s important is to make choices for our health and emotional wellbeing.

I so wanted to have Cold Moon on the shelves by the 21st of December, and even though it’s written and has been through the first round of edits, it needs more time. It deserves it. And I want my readers to get the best story possible; they deserve it.

So I’m making a hard choice, to delay the release day. It’s going to be March 2019. As that gives me enough time to go and be a guest of the fabulous NHS, take a little time to recover — and have my humans fetch me things (oh, i’d like a little bell to ring, wouldn’t that be fun…) And take time to do the re-writes.


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. And if life is rattling your cage at the moment, take a step back and breathe, look out at what’s really important, and let the rest go.

Take care

J xx

Spring gin anyone?

Okay, so Mothers day was a couple o’weeks back, and my tribe bought me some rhubarb and ginger gin…  

Now, I feel I should say, upfront, that gin is my summer tipple of choice.

(Not winter, gin is far to cold and fizzy for that – winter is a time for red. A good, heavy red.)

Anyway, I got off topic; back to the gin. Now then, is it just me, or does there seem to be something of a gin-revolution sweeping the nation?

Which is fine with me, except there are so many varieties circulating that I find one, I like it, and then I can never find it again! It’s a real trial I tell you.

So I’ve developed a course of action – I’m going to make me’ own.

Yup, I tried it last year about this time, with parma violets.

Yes, you read right 😀 thank the heavens for amazon. I ordered a box of giant parma violets, pulled a large mason jar from the pantry, used regular old gin, gave it a shake every so often, and Boom! Summer deliciousness not to be forgotten.

This time, it’s rhubarb or bust. I’ll let you know how it goes.


The Wonders of Train Travel

So on the train home from London I ended up sat next to a yawner.
And not only was he a yawner – oh no. He was also a spreader – his legs braced so far apart that he had a knee in the isle and a knee in my leg space.

Coupled with the fact that every article he read in the paper warranted an exhalation of “god no,” and “oh bloody hell,” while he continued to shuffle his arms and rattle the pages, budging me further and further against the cold window.

You can imagine the variety and quantity of expletives running through my mind.

He fidgeted and bustled, phone constantly buzzing and beeping, while sniffling and scratching. Seemingly trying to engage every passenger in the carriage in one way or other.
And you know, I’d really like to be able to offer a few constructive words about how being sat in a confined space with 15 other people means that we should make the effort to speak, smile, make eye contact or connect some way.

But the truth is, I can’t. Because we don’t. There are a lot of odd-bods out there, and after the stuffy, noisy and squashed carriage ride, I can tell you this;

most of them travel by train…


Love is love.

Before Christmas I lost my happy little Lucy. She didn’t get to a fair age – if there is any such thing as fair. And right to the last she was only concerned with being the best canine friend she could be.

It hit my little family very hard. You see, Lucy was the best of us. She was never short-tempered, never too tired, her excitement at being with each of us never waned. Cupboard love was never an option for our Luce, the only kind of love she wanted was ours.

Our Lab, even the cat, didn’t know what to do without having Lucy to walk the fences last thing at night. Without hearing her paws purposefully cross the downstairs floor when we went to bed — checking that everything was as it should be.

Who was going to run those trespassing pigeons from the garden now?

It was a long December, and on New Years Eve I finally came to the conclusion that Lucy simply would not have had any us moping about without her.

And so our search began, not for a replacement — for nobody could ever do that, but for a new friend. Because love is love – whether is comes on two legs or four.

I'm sure you'll sure a lot more photo's of this little girl over on Crazy Creatures
Welcome Miss Phoebe, I’m sure you’ll see a lot more photo’s of this little girl over on Crazy Creatures
Lovely Lucy
Lovely Lucy, our very special girl x

Your choices are half chance

I saw a suitcase today, one of those little hand luggage type things.
It was white, with black writing and red hearts all over it – I ❤ Ny, I ❤ to travel…..

It was sitting in the middle of the path with its pull along handle pointing to the sky.

I live in a village. On the south coast. And I think i’m lucky; I’m surrounded by farms and villages, a short car ride takes me into town and an hour on the train and I’m in London.

And I love it here. But today I saw a suitcase.

It had no owner. And I wondered.

I was on my way to Sainsburys of all places, the road was quiet, the village was quiet, and the unattended suitcase was grossly out of place.

And I realised in that instant, that all the press, the media, the news coverage since Paris — it was mona-bazooka-1253659-1280x960residing in my unconscious mind.

In that moment I wondered if it was a bomb. For a split second I wondered if terrorism had come to my little village — my little haven.

And I was afraid.

Fear. I was afraid because the media told me I should be.

And I hate that.

A ramble on Instagram, Youtube and making the world a smaller place.

I’ve been swimming about in a sea of synchronicity just lately, and because of this I find Witches love the interneti’m going to ‘overshare’…

I opened this little corner of the word wide web as I had hoped that I’d be able to share things on my journey that other people might find useful too.

I was going to be informative but focused…

You know what I wasn’t going to do? I wasn’t going to get too personal – Well, as it turns out, that’s a load of ol’nonsense and I should stop massively over analysing everything.

You see, I’m semi in the broom closet — and fear and the anticipated judgement of others, are great motivators for remaining private.

But I just keep reminding myself; you get back what you put out into the world.

I’ve met some wonderful people, i’ve been more open and trusting, and more revealing of my nature — and I have the internet to thank for that. I’ve found myself being a part of the on-line community — I’ve been reading some fabulous books, (I’ll be sure to share those in another post,) and they have been feeding my seeking soul.

Reading and joining in with the wonderful conversations, and watching the vlogs and videos have introduced me to people who are just like me; trying to find their way.

I have been able to take my time; take baby steps – and people have been kind and funny – but mostly, they’re helpful. The internet has made the world reachable, and I’d like to say thank you for it. I’m putting together a list of some great Youtubers and instagramers that i’ll share soon. But for now, it’s 2015’s one-week-aversary, have a great day, and Bright Blessings All.

Jo x