Marketing advice for Authors

As well as writing romance I also write advice for writers; sharing my practices and ideas that have worked…and a few that haven’t.

I love to chat with other writerly-folks so do pop by the Book-Of-Face if you fancy a natter.

(Oh, and I often take to the blog in fits of panic over writing-meltdowns…which is always fun, so if you want to see someone in a worse state than yourself, do please drop by.)

So if you’re looking to organically-grow your audience on a shoestring budget, then I may have something that can help. This little tome was released in May 2017, and went into the top 10 in books for authors on Amazon, it’s now had an overhaul ~ because that’s how quickly our industry changes, and the second edition is here 🙂

How to Build an Author Platform (… and stay sane.)


You can buy from Amazon and Everywhere Else


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