Hey there…

I’m daughter, wife, mother, friend, canine wrangler, the list goes on… I’m also a writer.

I’m pretty much late, for absolutely everything, and I waste far too cropped-img_2640much time thinking about food.

Romance is my first love, what can I tell you; I’m a firm believer in a Happily Ever After  ❤ Which is why I write about it.

I’m also a tarot reader, creative, and a lover of the ocean (…and good red wine 😉 )

I’m a total social media junky, so you can find me on twitter, instagram and pinterest — I’m even testing out YouTube — Oh, and i’m way too active. #SorryNotSorry  (and I LOVE to chat, so come find me.)

Oh, and I should probably warn you; I take far too many photos of the people and creatures I love. But who doesn’t love pictures of a soppy labrador and a silly spaniel?

Happy reading.

J x


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