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As we run up to the launch of Hunter Moon (out at Halloween, in case you were wondering,) i’m going to be running all sorts of little teasers and giveaways. So I thought I’d start listing them here, you know, to make finding them easier…

Firstly, you can find Chapter 1 of (soon to be released (( at Halloween – did I say that already? Ah well…)) Hunter Moon on instafreebie. Click the cover to get yours. 

Secondly, to celebrate the upcoming launch, i’m giving away copies of Thunder Moon via Goodreads, and because I’m totes generous, i’m also running a give away on Building An Author Platform too. I know, it’s too much 😉 Click the links for your chance to win.

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Anyhow, i’m waaaay to active on social media, do say ‘Hi’ if you drop by.

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