1st Leydean Cubs Rough It for The Rucksack Challenge 2015.

The Clanfield Cubs have taken on the challenge to raise as much money as possible for the Rucksack Project. (Big thanks to MrsB for getting us involved.) If you haven’t heard about it, head on over to Facebook to see what’s happening in Portsmouth, or to their website, if you’d like to find out what’s going on near you.

They have been busy collecting cardboard boxes — and if you’re a parent, family member, teacher or friend of a cub, and you stood still too long, I have no doubt that a sponsorship form was firmly placed in your hands, accompanied with a winning smile.

So, at 7pm on Saturday the 19th of September, we ferried our cubs to their HQ. They had a sleeping bag, a rucksack, and lots of enthusiastic excitement. I don’t imagine sleep was on their agenda at all.

Clanfield Cubs Rough It

Unlike today, the weather was kind, chilly through the night I’m sure. But, thankfully, dry. They had very simple rules for the sleep out.
They could bring a rucksack and nothing else, they had to get whatever extra clothes and snacks they thought they would need into it.

There was no-where to cook food and no tents.

They set to work straight away, organising their cardboard, using the outside walls for as much shelter as possible.

Clanfield Cubs Rough IT Cubs Rough It Challenge

There was even a little house for the cub mascot, Alfie.

Alfie, The cub.

We collected our tired troops on Sunday morning at 8 o’clock, and the conversations we’ve had since their adventure has demonstrated what a powerful lesson they’ve learned.

My girls understood why they were raising money, and they understand what homelessness is. But after a very dark, uncomfortable night they now question how come ‘being homeless’ is allowed to be ‘ok’.
We have been asked questions in the last 24 hours that we’ve struggled to find answers to…
                                 Who lets people be homeless – why can’t people be helped?

                                    What about their family?                   What if they aren’t well?

 Who protects them from robbers when they’re asleep?

  What about when their food runs out?                   What about when it snows?

… and in turn they have begun to look very closely at the world they live in, to see how they’d like to change it.

What Will Become Of The Facebook Generation?

I have this friend — and yes, I am aware that this is an extremely suspicious way to start a sentence, but anyway…
I do – have this friend – in fact I have quite a few, all with very similar opinions when it comes to the ol’ FB…

One of those days;


Ok, so today was one of those days-

No, that’s wrong – the day itself was ok, you know – samey, like most other days.

But the evening, well….That deteriorated into an all shouting, all law-laying down, complete parent overkill-event quicker than the time it took for Usain Bolt to run the hundred metres.

You know what I mean? (Clearly, this question is aimed at other mad-parent-types out there.)

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