Rhubarb gin anyone?

Okay then, I said I was going to attempt some rhubarb gin, so here we go…

Husband mentioned to a friend that I was after some fresh rhubarb, and just like that I end up with a bag load! (Note to self; I really must plant some in my garden, I love the big leaves and I have the space for it…)

I gave it a wash and top and tailed any of the stalks that needed it, and set to work.


I like a nice neat layout of ingredients, makes me feel organised. (Which I’m totally not.) But incase you’re interested, I have one litre of gin, 1.5 kg of washed and cubed rhubarb and 450grams of castor sugar. Couldn’t be simpler.

(A quick aside, I asked Husband to grab the gin, and just told him any old one would do… He comes back with Greenall’s, which I’ve never had before, and after a quick question to Google I discover that Greenall’s is the second biggest distiller of gin in the UK, making most of the supermarket brands and also Bombay Sapphire. Clearly needing to have a taste beforehand, I can tell you it was pretty good, add a slice of Cucumber and some tonic water and you could sit me in the sun and leave me there. But there was work to be done…)

I evenly shared the rhubarb into two mason jars,

and did the same with the sugar, then added the gin, and gave it all a good shake to dissolve the sugar.


Now it’s just a case of giving it a shake every-so-often, and in four weeks it will be ready to strain and drink, just 

in time for the next bank holiday me-thinks. Lets hope the weather is just as good.

J x


Spring gin anyone?

Okay, so Mothers day was a couple o’weeks back, and my tribe bought me some rhubarb and ginger gin…  

Now, I feel I should say, upfront, that gin is my summer tipple of choice.

(Not winter, gin is far to cold and fizzy for that – winter is a time for red. A good, heavy red.)

Anyway, I got off topic; back to the gin. Now then, is it just me, or does there seem to be something of a gin-revolution sweeping the nation?

Which is fine with me, except there are so many varieties circulating that I find one, I like it, and then I can never find it again! It’s a real trial I tell you.

So I’ve developed a course of action – I’m going to make me’ own.

Yup, I tried it last year about this time, with parma violets.

Yes, you read right 😀 thank the heavens for amazon. I ordered a box of giant parma violets, pulled a large mason jar from the pantry, used regular old gin, gave it a shake every so often, and Boom! Summer deliciousness not to be forgotten.

This time, it’s rhubarb or bust. I’ll let you know how it goes.