Children and Questions – any idea’s?

I wrote this in the summer last year – and have just found it again, and it still has resonance for me so I thought I’d share it with you…

No.1 son decided on the way home from cubs to talk about words; “What does truce  mean?”
I gave him a brief explanation about how it’s just a way to make an agreement, and it’s a good way to keep the peace – my mind was already on making lunches and ironing uniforms for the next day.
“Why don’t the armies do that then? Why don’t they just call one of these truces and not go to war?”
The idle chat on the journey home instantly became one of those moments – well, it did for me at any rate. I was suddenly desperate to give him the right answer – but what was that exactly? What was I supposed to say?
He sat looking at me as I scratched around for a response, until finally huffing at me he turned to look out of the window.
I lurched into a bumbling explanation that both sides need to want peace to call a truce, and that’s not always how it is…which naturally lead to a waterfall of more questions, it turned out that I had entered… The ChildMind-field. That day at school they had been talking about soldiers, and communicating with different cultures.
“Mum, did you know Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas? That’s not even fair, how can Father Christmas leave those children out?”
He was outraged on behalf of the present-less children, and I just pulled a blank – what could I say? He was 9 a week ago, and I’ve been really keen for him to keep his Christmas belief for one last year, and the absolute unfairness of his observation struck me that I may have succeeded a little too well – he did believe. But he was now vilifying a cheerful old man in a red velvet suit for leaving other children out.
I need a handbook that has all the answers, as I never seem to have the right ones. I just offer up explanations hoping I get across a fair opinion for all, and in the meantime I just make things worse by offering too much information, or maybe not enough – or in the case of good ol’ Saint Nick, by not just telling him the truth…

Can change save time?

I’ve been concerning myself recently with ‘change’, it would seem those around me are very fond of the idea, and I keep wondering how difficult would it be to effect real change in my life?

The thing is, despite the fact that I don’t live the most adventurous existence – I mean I’m not the female Bond or Scot of the Antarctic reincarnated – but it’s not like I’m trapped in a hollow life waiting for death to save me from perpetual nothingness either. I’m lucky enough to live in a sleepy village, with a good variety of gate post gossips who manage keep things interesting. But it would seem that all those close to me are on about is change; Change, change, change! They are either questioning whether to make one, wishing one would happen or furiously berating those that are happy just rolling along, and this has got me to thinking; I’d like to make a few changes, nothing radical, mine are more personal alterations – you see I stumbled across a blog (thank you twitter) a little while ago, about adjusting your time clock, (I’ll find it and request the author’s permission to tag it here.) To cut to a short story version it said this; Set your alarm clock two hours before you normally would, and get up and do all the things you don’t normally – or ever – have time for. So whether it’s cleaning, reading, writing, painting, jogging, whatever, get up at 5am and do it….

Now, after reading the said inspirational piece (which was much more confidence inspiring than my version, promise) I spent a good while thinking about the possibility of implementing it myself, the likeliness of achieving it and whether I could feasibly maintain it. Afterall, 3 glasses of pink wine on a friday night and you know there is no way I’m rising before the troops rise at 8.

Which, I’m fairly sure means I’ve failed before I begin – I’ve already written myself off. I should have just grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak and thrown everything at it, not worried that I was in fact reading said blog at gone midnight, in a dark house where every other sensible person that lives with me was asleep. I should have gone to bed that instant and set the alarm for 5am and just suffered being a little sleepy, because now I’m left talking myself out of something that I would really like to do. Something that I think could really work for me. Not just on a level that would give me more writing hours, but something that would make my day feel less rushed, something that might lessen the constant sensation that my precious routine is in free fall, and the only way to save it is to throw more balls in the air.

So how to break the mould ? How do I break out of the old routine, and attempt to implement a new one…….