Welcome to The Island Witches.

Their magic has been dormant for three hundred years

Come and discover why the magic has returned, and how Thea, Jessica and Adam can lay the sadness of the past to rest and find love along the way. 

With a hint of Practical Magic woven around the British cost, Joanne Mallory’s debut novella paints a beguiling love story, where witchery and magic are real, and love is the ultimate prize.

And coming this autumn, get ready to meet Jess…

“In Thunder Moon, you enter a world where witches and healers exist. But don’t for a moment think that you’re entering a fantasy world that is different than the Earth you live in. No, this is modern day England, in a little town in a bay not far from the bustling streets of London. ”  Leila ~ Goodreads, review.

“LOVED it! I’ll be seeking out more from this author !!” Bonnie ~ Netgalley