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Welcome to The Witches of Langstone Bay.

With a hint of Practical Magic and woven around the British coast, Joanne Mallory’s debut novella, launches the Witches of Langstone Bay series.

Thunder Moon paints a beguiling love story, where witchery and magic are real, and love is the ultimate prize.



“In Thunder Moon, you enter a world where witches and healers exist. But don’t for a moment think that you’re entering a fantasy world that is different than the Earth you live in. No, this is modern day England, in a little town in a bay not far from the bustling streets of London. ”  Leila ~ Goodreads, review.

“LOVED it! I’ll be seeking out more from this author !!” Bonnie ~ Netgalley 




Hunter Moon is the second in the series, but is also a bewitching standalone novel. 

Read about magical London, and a wintery English coast, as Jess falls for her handsome historian.

“The first book in this series – Thunder Moon – was very good, and I couldn’t wait to read Hunter Moon, downloading it and starting on the day of release. I wasn’t disappointed; in fact, I think I enjoyed this more than the first one. Jess is a brilliant lead character, the hero is wonderful… and the magic is, well magic!
Can’t wait for book 3″        

Sarah Louise Smith, Bestselling author of  Unrequited Alice and Izzy’s Cold Feet.